Super Showgirl Cosplay

Cosplayer, Host, Cabaret Singer

Darlene will be hosting the Go Atomic! cosplay competitions.

SUPER because she loves superheroes, SHOWGIRL is her background as a cabaret showgirl of 27 years and finally COSPLAY and that is very very obvious.

Super Showgirl Cosplay aka Darlene has been in the pop culture industry for over 8 years.

Mixing cosplay and good causes has always and will always be Darlene’s primary ambition.

Darlene’s showgirl background has helped her ease into cosplay and she has also appeared in a few documentaries, won a few local competitions and awards too.

Losing her mum to Breast Cancer has been a powerful force behind Darlene’s involvement in cosplay.

Darlene was greatly humbled when  the late Margot Kidder (Lois Lane from the Superman films) supported her Transformers Bumblebee cosplay booth for Breast Cancer.

Marching with other Trekkies, Darlene’s Star Trek For Breast Cancer was featured in a special SBS featurette.

Darlene always enthusiastically says ‘Besides bringing out the inner kid/geek in me, I hope my cosplays will help raise awareness and save lives’.

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